Oh! Hi guys, it’s sweetiepie, and I’m here to bring you a good day. I was working on this epic quiz that has some really cool questions, so stay tuned!

If you haven’t already or are new to my quizzes, you can do my do you love dogs roleplay and don’t forget to check out my do you love cats one. I have to go, bye!

Created by: Sweetiepie2000

  1. Are you smart?
  2. Let’s start off with animal questions. Why doesn’t a cat like water?
  3. What is a lifestyle of a chihuahua?
  4. How many cages should you get for a pet parakeet?
  5. Are Birmans lap cats?
  6. Let’s do random stuff now. Let’s go. 2x9=___
  7. How do caterpillars transform into butterflies?
  8. The closest planet to the sun?
  9. Farthest from the sun?
  10. Last question! This is gonna be super easy ok. What color is your phone case?

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Quiz topic: Am I STUPID???