How Well Do You Know the Babysitters Club?

Hey guys! It's sweetiepie here, and I'm here to bring you a good day! This should be fun (duh) and I want you to enjoy it! It's basically just showing you how much you know about babysitters club.

I know a lot, how about you? These are pretty easy questions and I hope you pass! Best of luck! ❤❤❤❤❤Lots of well wishes on passing: I'll see you soon!

Created by: Sweetiepie2000
  1. Who is the alternative officer after Dawn left? Tell me her name, pretend I don't know?
  2. The junior officers cannot sit at night unless:
  3. Mary Anne is the ______ of the club.
  4. _____ can be a little bossy.
  5. What is Charlotte's last name?
  6. How did Kristy find inspiration for the club?
  7. ________ Newton is one of their clients. What is the first name of this mystery client?
  8. What's the gender of the Newton's family baby?
  9. How old are the junior officers?
  10. Last question! What is the name of Kristy's younger step-brother?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Babysitters Club?