How much do you know about disney songs?

Oh hi I didn’t see you there! It’s sweetiepie, and I’m here to bring you a good day!This disney songs quiz was inspired by my Walt Disney World trip. And I ❤ The songs now!

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Created by: Sweetiepie2000

  1. I’ll give you a lyric and you’ll have to guess the song.“I’m one with the wind and sky...”
  2. “Well anyway let me say you’re welcome...”
  3. It’s your’s, true dish...”
  4. “But they won’t keep in rhythm...”
  5. Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious...”
  6. Shining,shimmering,splendid...”
  7. “Tale as old as time...”
  8. “And no one knows...”
  9. “Everybody look left, everybody look right...”
  10. “Like a lighthouse in a storm...”

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about disney songs?