Are you still inlove with your ex

Many people break up everyday and then wonder what kind of feelings they have or what there feelings are for there ex. How do you know you made the right decision, take this quiz and find out what your feelings mean.

This quiz is simple and only takes a minute of your time. You never know what can happen and if the one you passed up should have been a keeper take the quiz and find out if you should reel them back in.

Created by: Jeff

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many times a day do you think about your ex
  2. Do you talk to your ex _ times a day
  3. Have you told your ex you Love them
  4. When you are around your ex do you think of the opposite sex
  5. Have you had sex with your ex
  6. When you think of your ex you..
  7. If you went to jail who would you call
  8. When you are about to go to sleep you think of
  9. Do you want to see your ex _ week
  10. I feel bad about the break up

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Quiz topic: Am I still inlove with my ex