are you sporty or girly

There were many different types of guns during World War 1, but there was a certain type that would cause devastation thought the entire War this was called the machine gun. The term machine gun means a gun that can fire bullets at a rapid rate of fire. This means that more bullets could be put down range toward the enemy. The different types were the Maschinengewehr, the Lewis gun and the Vickers machine gun. The Maschinengewehr or MG08 as it was called The range went from 2,200 yards to 4,000 yards; it was mounted on a tripod for better accuracy. A newer version was made in 1915 this was called the MG08/15 which was a little lighter and could be more easily moved around the battlefield. The Lewis gun was one of the next machine guns to be made during the war, it was considered to be a light machine gun. It was designed by a U.S. Army Colonel named Isaac Lewis the British were the main people who used this gun. It usually took about two people to carry it around the battlefield because of the weight. It weighed about 28lbs, was gas operated and could shoot 2,450 feet per second and at a rate of fire about 550 rounds per minute. The Lewis gun was used mainly at the front lines so that it would take down all of the enemy soldiers tried the come into allied territory.

would fire the weapon the second person would control the ammo belt the rest would hold spare ammo and sometimes parts just in case anything happened. Every person on the team knew how to do every job that there was to do. There was a maximum range of about 4,500 yards with a rate of fire ranging from 450 to 600 rounds a minute depending on what you were shooting at. The Vickers machine gun was closely related to the German Maschinengewehr it had around the same rate of fire as well as about the same weight.

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  1. When your at the mall what store are you most likely to go in?
  2. Which one of these activities get you pumped?
  3. what is your dream b-day?
  4. who would you rather date?
  5. who do you hang out with?
  6. what is your fav class?
  7. if you were stranded on an island what one thing would you want to have with you.
  8. what do you like better?
  9. what type of jewelry do you wear?
  10. whats your fav item you own?

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