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  • You are 27% spoiled. Don't take the results to seriously, though.


    You are a little spoiled, and only asks for the occasional toy now and then. You don't require much to stay happy, and live a simple but comfortable life.

    This is chicken nugget xD

  • You are 90% spoiled. 90%

    You are a spoiled brat! You live a life of comfort and luxury, and scream/throw things around when you don't get your way. You think that the world revolves only around you. You get whatever you want, whenever you want. You are very bratty.

    I mean- Im not exactly denying it

    Elliott is great
  • You are 2% spoiled. Don't take the results to seriously, though.


    You don't have much, but stay happy. You are always putting others before yourself, and know how to go along when things don't go your way. Good job!

    Wow I thought I'd be spoiled. XD


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