Are You Smitten?

Many modern people, especially those leaning toward the teenage end of the spectrum, sometimes find themselves confused by the complex hindrances of love. Some lament at the futility of the emotion; others simply desire to sate it. Either way, you might as well take the quiz and leave 10 stars. :D.

Do you have a certain person in mind that you might be considering as a possible romantic interest? Are you eager to classify exactly how smitten with them you are? Look no further than this handy tool: The Amazing Smittenness Calulatorz!!!!!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. Will you be thinking of a specific person whilst answering these questions?
  2. Are you currently in a relationship with this person?
  3. Would you take a bullet for this person?
  4. If you have not dated this person, why not?
  5. Do you ever notice flaws in their appearance?
  6. Out of the time in which you are within 10 metres of this person, how much do you spend staring at them?
  7. How do you most often act around this person?
  8. Do you know much about this person?
  9. Do you have an altar to this person in your closet?
  10. Would you spend the night with this person?
  11. Have you ever considered driving a knife through this person's neck?
  12. By any chance, does this person ever exhibit a cold, terrifying gaze?
  13. If you woke up one morning after partying FAR too hard the previous night, and found a fresh tattoo on your arm which you don't remember getting, what is the chance that the person's name would appear on it?
  14. Have you ever smiled and waved at them?
  15. Do you ever begin speaking to this person just for the sake of speaking with them, not attempting to convey any important point?

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