are you smarter then a 11 year old

to be samerter then a 11 year old you have to think hard and try your need to study and allways try again.please do your beat and remenber its all math.

have you ever wonder is your 11 year old kid samter then you?wellfind out with my are you samerter the a 11 year old quiz.its an fun free all math quiz findout if your kid is samerter then you in minteues.

Created by: tyler

  1. what is 12x12
  2. what is 10% of 500
  3. if i have 100 apples and eat 50 and i spilt the remaing apples whith my sister how many will we have.
  4. what shape has 3 sides.
  5. if there are 144 people eat 12 pices of candy each 12x what =144
  6. if i want to make a word with these letters what would it be. edrhew
  7. if i dule with 40 cards in my deck and the dule lasts 20 turns and i draw 1 card a turn how many cards are in my deck.
  8. 10x100
  9. 9+9+10
  10. 2+30+100

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