Are you smarter than me??? #4

Hello and welcome back to "Are You Smarter Than Me!" I'm the hostess, Leafpool! Thank you for watching this at home! Now, for this week's guest...YOU!

Hello again, ____________! Now I swear this time that you WILL win something! (but it's secret!) Come, ______________, sit here, and the show will begin!

Created by: Leafpool
  1. A boring old math question to begin. (BUT I SPOOFED IT! IT'S A WARRIORS MATH Q! YAY!) Leafpool had three kits. Her sister had 0. Whitewing had two kits. Millie had 3. Daisy had five. Sorreltail had four. How many kits out of those are NOT in the ThunderClan camp?
  2. Yay! It's a riddle now! ..................A boy cheats on his test. What does his girlfriend say when she finds out?
  3. Who is Zelda?
  4. Everyone should know this question. What is YouTube?
  5. One more riddle......................Gary ran into Target one day and stole an iPod. When a detective accused Gary, he said, "I have an iPod, sir, but it's downloaded with music, so it cannot be me." Gary held up the iPod, and sure enough, there was music on there. The detective looked around and found evidence that Gary was guilty. How?
  6. What is a Ds3?
  7. No more of these questions count for results!
  8. Did you like the riddles? (tell me what you thought of them in the comments please!)
  9. Were the questions hard?
  10. Will you rate?
  11. Will you comment? (PLEASE do!)
  12. Will you show to your friends?
  13. Okay guys, I need your help. (Last question, I promise.) Please go to the following site: gotoquiz .com/poll/a_warrior_chatbox_yay495

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than me??? #4