Are You Smarter Than McJuggerNuggets?

We've seen Jessie a.k.a McJuggerNuggets saying some stupid stuff. Whatever it's all for show or if he's seriously that dumb, we'll never know. But are you smarter than McJuggerNuggets? Take this quiz to find out

Only a few are smarter than McJuggerNuggets? Are you one of them? Well even if you are a fellow Juggie, you got to admit that Jessie has said some stupid comments throughout his videos

Created by: HugeSharkFan
  1. What is a lamb
  2. What's 8*8 (8 squared)?
  3. What is a hoe
  4. When someone asks you to put the camera down, what do you do
  5. How would Jessie save his games, game system, etc
  6. Why do people don't want to hire Jessie
  7. What does 2-1 (2 for 1) mean when it applies to hiring for a job?
  8. Which of the following will look GREAT on your application
  9. Where do eggs that you buy at the supermarket comes from
  10. Oh no! You're in a situation where you're at a job and the boss doesn't want the camera around. What do you do, after all you're a YouTuber

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Quiz topic: Am I Smarter Than McJuggerNuggets?