Are you smart enough to figure this out?? (Very difficult!)

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This is a ten-question quiz about me. Let's see if you know me, shall we? I doubt anyone will get a hundred, but if you do, bravo to you. And apparently you know me or are a really good guesser.

If you are reading this, stop and go take the quiz. This isn't going to tell you anything. So go read the quiz and not this. NOW!!!!! AND HURRY UP ABOUT IT!!!! (JK!)

Created by: Pancakejellyshirt

  1. What is my fav color?
  2. Which key on my keyboard is a sticky key?
  3. Do I have glasses?
  4. What's my favorite food?
  5. What time do I wake up EVERY SNGLE WEEKDAY?
  6. What's my favorite nursery rhyme???
  7. Favorite song????
  8. Favorite Sesame Street song?
  9. Okay, which do I say most often?
  10. Bye-bye!!

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Quiz topic: Am I smart enough to figure this out?? (Very difficult!)