Are you romantic, boring, funny or hated

everyone has a unique personality and different opinions on different peoples personalities. some people have the whole package but others can have the most important parts, no matter what anyone says. BE YOURSELF!

What are you, romantic, hated funny or boring, find out by taking this wicked quiz. use your shining personality to get what you want and make sure no one stands in your way

Created by: Tony

  1. Do you crack alot of jokes, what kind of ones?
  2. Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?
  3. Do you like people?
  4. Do people like you?
  5. (not relevant) wots ur fav colour?
  6. do you like flowers or jokes
  7. do you like me
  8. do you want your results?
  9. wait another two questions
  10. pick one quick

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Quiz topic: Am I romantic, boring, funny or hated