Are You Really Your Gender

there are many people in the world. many boys, many girls, and many confused people. for those confused people this is the quiz for you. this quiz will decide your true gender

are you a boy or a girl this quiz will decide your true gender >.< lol

Created by: this is fake

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. A girl walks up to you after school and asks if she could give you a makeover
  2. You are all alone at your house and you have the urge to go into your older sister's room and...
  3. You wish you were a...
  4. your friends consist of
  5. if you were the opposite gender you would want to be
  6. whats your thought on makeup
  7. you would want to date
  8. video games
  9. i'm bored
  10. a girl calls you by a girl name...
  11. how was this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I Really my Gender