are you really intelligent

There are many intelligent people but few have the ultimate brain power to face any question thrown at them. are you like that, prove it by taking this quiz.

This quiz is meant to test your riddle knowledge so hope you have all the brain power because this quiz is really easy and also this quiz is under going replacements so sorry if you find anything odd.

Created by: boss baby

  1. A tall man and a short man, which of these two will first climb a pineapple tree ?
  2. A blue fish and a red fish were swimming on an ocean, suddenly a storm came and one of them drowned. which of them do you think had drowned ?
  3. A man has to cross a river on a boat he has three items: a lion,a goat and a bag of yam but he is only allowed to take with two items.he asks you what to do what is your reply?
  4. Your mothers uncle's brother is your?
  5. What does everyone do at the same time?
  6. What makes the world go round?
  7. If 2 + 2 =4 then 2 and 2 is ?
  8. Which of these is the largest?
  9. My name is what. What is my name?
  10. Mr john bought a billion dollar television. the next morning the television screen was broken in the household were: baby ocean, uncle suspect, Mr mischief ,Aunty innocent who do you think broke it ?
  11. If non and sense give birth to a child what will be its name?
  12. We have come to the end of this quiz. do you like this quiz (correct answer=YES)

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