Are You Really Crazy?

There are many crazy people in our world,but not many are on top."Nutso's" are the key to our future,and any not sane person knows,YOU ARE MESSED UP SANE PEOPLE!

So are YOU a crazy?If you are are you as crazy as the top knockers?if you are WOW *gate unlocks* This is the gate,you are the keys.The nice,shiney,mettalic keys.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

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  1. Do you hallucinate? (think somethings there when it isn't? Or hear something when no ones around?)
  2. Do you think you're crazy?
  3. Do you hear voices? If is one the leader?
  4. Do you take care of yourself? as in,Do you eat enough? Do you wash and dress?
  5. Have you ever done an illegal drug such as:Marijuana or Methamphetamine?
  6. Have you ever binge drank or gotten drunk more then once?
  7. Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone for no reason?
  8. Are you afraid of meeting new people?
  9. Do you get worried more then other people?
  10. Do you suffer from any disorder? such as:M.P.D,Bipolar,Or Schizophrenia?
  11. Do you see a physcologist or Physchiatrist?
  12. Do You take any medication such as Prozac?
  13. Do you remember the last time you got sick?
  14. Have You ever been to jail?
  15. Have you been sentenced to jail more than 2 yrs?
  16. Were You abused?
  17. Did you flunk school?
  18. Did you get a normal job?
  19. Did you finish 8th grade?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really Crazy?