Are You Really a Miraculous Fan??

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So this a quiz for the amazing fans of miraculous. Here, you are going to find out if you are a real fan or not? If you manage to answer all of the questions or most of it correctly, I really think that you are not going to be surprised of the result you will get.

This quiz has 25 questions that are waiting to be answered. They are random questions so try not to be confused. Some of the questions are from the episodes and some are probably hidden. Good luck and comment after you're done taking the quiz. Thanks!

Created by: futurebugaboo :-P
  1. What is the power of the ladybug miraculous?
  2. To whom did ladybug gave the snake miraculous?
  3. What power does the horse miraculous has?
  4. How many boy/s has a crush on marinette?
  5. What would happen if Adrien found out Ladybug's secret identity? (Based on the Chat Blanc episode)?
  6. How many girls has a crush on Adrien?
  7. "Miraculous, simply the best, up to the test when things go wrong. Miraculous_________", complete this. (From the song that Laura Marano sang and not from the introduction).
  8. On the episode "Oblivio", who are the akumatized people?
  9. Who's dead?
  10. Who voices Lila Rossi?
  11. What is the name of the robot, Max's best friend, that he made?
  12. What is the name of the kwami of te goat miraculous?
  13. How many miraculouses are there?
  14. What is the title of the movie that Adrien's mother was in it?
  15. Which does not belong to the group? (From S3Ep23)?
  16. Which kwami is the oldest?
  17. What is the name of the band of Rose, Juleka, Ivan and Luka?
  18. (According to the previous question) Who is the lead singer of the band?
  19. What name did Marinette used when she disguised herself into a boy to go to Adrien's party?
  20. (According to the previous question) What did she refer to herself to get in?
  21. Who is Oni-chan?
  22. Who is Zombizou?
  23. What is the name of the game that Adrien and Marinette plays/practices for the tournament? (Gamer)?
  24. Which does not belong to the group?
  25. On which ear does Lila says that she has tenitis?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really a Miraculous Fan??