are you really a leo?

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Many claim to be Leos out there, are you worthy. I was bored took some time to make a quiz.. it was fun.. kinda. It could have been better. so do your best and have fun.

So If your bored and feel like taking a few quizzes take mine. Leos out there make me proud! well you all know what It takes to be a Leo so show It.. If you dont you might not need to and just have to be yourself and answer truthfully.. I hate liars.. not that you care though.Good luck!

Created by: salinas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you believe your outgoing?
  2. DO you easily get mad?
  3. In a relationship do you give all your efforts to make your partner happy?
  4. Favorite colors??
  5. Element?
  6. Favorite season?
  7. Is your hair important?
  8. Is in hard to make new friends?
  9. Do you get annoyed when ignored? (Be honest)
  10. Will you be extremely hurt if you are being, lied, betrayed, cheated,etc? Or will you forgive and forget?
  11. Do you like to have the best of things?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a leo?