Are you quick at things?

There are some people who learn at a very slow pace, in the middle, and some who learn things liek SNAP! Here, you can find out how intelligent and shrew you are.

Are you a slow learner, or a snappping fingers quickster? If you've always been curious about that, wait no longer! Take this quiz to find out your skills in school.

Created by: shaunaluvspie

  1. Do you run fast?
  2. Are you shrew? (That means sharp, quick, and clever.)
  3. Is this quiz?
  4. Really?
  5. Ok, pop quiz, what's 9x80?
  6. Do you like?
  7. Pick.
  8. Do you think I'm quick? (No effect.)
  9. Are you in advanced classes?
  10. Ok, bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I quick at things?