Are you Princess Althea or Peggy Plum?

Have you ever read the princess who hated it and liked that story? Have you ever wanted to do a quiz about that story? Look no further, because this quiz is about Princess Althea and Peggy Plum?

Are you a princess or a farm girl? Do you think life of a princess is all roses, or do you prefer farm life, as a farm girl? Until now you could dream. So come on girls and have some fun.

Created by: Caitlin
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  1. What skin pigment do you have?
  2. Would you like the idea of feeding pigs?
  3. What do you think of mud or dirt?
  4. Would you meet the duchess?
  5. What would you prefer to eat?
  6. Do you do sewing?
  7. Do you wear velvet ballgowns?
  8. What do you travel in?
  9. Who do you think has more fun, a princess or a farm kid?
  10. What colour hair do you have?

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Quiz topic: Am I Princess Althea or Peggy Plum?