What Mario Princess Are You Like?

I have noticed that some people have made this quiz, but the questions were very simple to me. Let's see how simple they become to YOU in this quiz, which may or may not challenge you a little further.

Do YOU know which Mario Princess you should be? Rosalina, Daisy, or Peach? Find out which one you are, so then you don't have to remember the answers to the princess you want to be.

Created by: Blah
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  1. Do you think you would like being a mother?
  2. You are only allowed to see your family one more time, and you say to them.
  3. If you would like to see one place in your whole entire life before you die, where would it be?
  4. You would love to...
  5. If you could date anyone, you would date...
  6. You see a flower, and it is the color...
  7. Could you manage being single your whole life?
  8. You would love to...
  9. Do you think you would have a pet someday?
  10. What would you ever want to tell someone someday?

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Quiz topic: What Mario Princess am I Like?