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  • 83%? Thank you! This quiz really was good, because it was focusing on the inside of a person rather than the outside ^-^ I admit, I take quizzes about the outside too, but it's mainly because pretty much EVERY girl wants to hear they are pretty, right? And when the girl does hear it, it just gives her such a boost in her confidence :D Speaking of which, this also gave me a boost of confidence :) Thanks!

  • Okay, first off, I do not judge people on the outside. If I do, I judge them because of how they judge me. I'm not the type of person that judges someone like that. I liked the quiz, but I'm not that type of person, so this quiz is inaccurate. Should of made it more accurate. Try harder on the next quiz you make. Just thought I'd make that clear to ya, hun. Thanks, and goodbye! >:/

    Kail Livengood
  • Thanks for taking my quiz and im sorry if you didnt get the answer you wanted.. Try to take it again in a few days...or weeks

  • great quiz!

  • 57%

  • 68% Great quiz:)

  • Thumbs up ;)

    I got 69% :P Hoping for a higher score, but oh well :T


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