Are You Pretty? (for girls only)

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dont get offened k? ur pretty they way u are!!! i made this quiz for fun and bcs why not i was boreeeeeeeeeeed.pls comment and rate thx now do the quiz and remember that this is for fun, ur pretty the way u are

imma just put random things here uwuwuwuwuwu uwu uwuwuwu uwuwu uwuwuwuuwuw uwuwu wuwuwu ignore this pls uwuwu uwuwuuw uwuwuuw uwuwu uwuwuw wuwuuw uwuwu

Created by: TheAlien

  1. are you an aesthetic girl?
  2. if you are, what type
  3. type of hair
  4. hair color
  5. eye color
  6. personality
  7. uwu
  8. onni-chan
  9. fav color
  10. byeeee

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty? (for girls only)