are you pretty!?

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every one are pretty!everyone are pretty in someways!we don't have any ugly in this world!but we have some uglies..they're the mean people.they're the people who think they're the best!

wanna see you're ugly or not!?so take this quiz!hope you like it!

Created by: dragon

  1. you wanna go to school:what do you wear?
  2. what's your hair color?
  3. the color of your eyes..
  4. favorite sport..
  5. let's make it diferent!-you're siting on your're so
  6. -it's your friend's gonna buy them..
  7. -what do people think about you?
  8. -how many friends do you have?
  9. do you think I'M pretty?:D
  10. do you think you're pretty?
  11. this quiz is finish!

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty!?