Are You Pretty?

Us girls are usually so unsure of our looks. We need a boost that explains if we are gorgeous, pretty or average. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. So heres to the less confident girls. It quizzes personality and looks

Are you a true beauty or is that your ego talking? Is what all your friends say true? There is one way to find out! Take this quiz. absolutely positively right now!!:)

Created by: Morgan
  1. How do you treat friends?
  2. What is your hair color?
  3. How much makeup do you wear?
  4. How confident are you about your looks?
  5. How often do you have to be reassured by your friends that your pretty?
  6. Whats your relationship with your family like?
  7. How much do you weigh?
  8. How do you describe your social life?
  9. When your friend is sad you...
  10. Rate your beauty!

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty?