are you pretty

"There are many people, but few truely pretty. Pretty is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is pretty? pretty is someone who has an extraordinarily beautiful features and, is able to be pretty inside and out

Are you pretty. take this quiz and find out if you are or not who knows you could just be americas next top model or a ugly persone withan ugly heart

Created by: mya403
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you get nice complements
  2. whats your fave color
  3. are you nice to people
  4. do you whare make up and why/whynot
  5. whats your/was you favriot school subject
  6. what a summer outfit
  7. do you have a friend(s)
  8. how many enemys do you have
  9. do you feel preety
  10. why
  11. are you single
  12. why
  13. do you keep yourself clean
  14. how about that acne
  15. do you think you fat
  16. are you smart
  17. who are your friends
  18. are you artistic
  19. are you afriaid to get dirty
  20. do you have percing and if so whare
  21. how would people describe your personality
  22. (THIS WILL HAVE NO AFFECT) do you like this quiz so far
  23. what is you hair colour
  24. doy ou like the spot light
  25. were alomost done how are you feeling
  26. last question

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty