Are You Ugly or Not?

You may think your pretty, your friends may tell your your pretty, people mat hang out with you, you may wear make up, BUT DOSE THAT MEAN YOU ARE PRETTY?

Have a bit of a trust issue with friends & family? You don't care about your "feelings getting hurt" you just want the truth! Good thing you choses this quiz cause it tells NOTHING but the TRUTH!

Created by: Ella
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  1. Do you avoid putting your on pic as your Facebook display pic?
  2. Would a hairdresser cringe at the thought of cutting you hair?
  3. Do you get terrified if you suddenly come across your reflection in the mirror?
  4. Will small children get scared if he/she sees your face in the dark?
  5. is your natural look so scary, that you don't need a mask for Halloween?
  6. Do your friends call you a nick name for how you look?
  7. Are you satisfied with your looks?
  8. do you get compliments for you looks?
  9. have you ever been called ugly?
  10. Do you get asked out often?
  11. How popular would you say you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ugly or Not?