Are YOU popular?

There are millions of people out in this world, but not all of them are popular. Sterio-type 'populars' are seen to be the cheerleaders and the beautiful ones, but don't worry- that's not all what being popular is about!

So are YOU popular? I don't know- well, not unless you take this quiz. I really hope you like this quiz, I spent long enough making it! Please rate and comment as well, and thanks to all of you who got my other quiz 'Who Would YOU Be In The Hunger Games?' to the featured page!

Created by: jemrulesx
  1. How good is your hygeine?
  2. Are you tall, average or short for your age?
  3. What colour is your hair?
  4. When you meet someone you know, you say,
  5. ~FOR GIRLS~ How pretty are you- really?
  6. Oh yeah, boys, this is a quiz for girls but I guess you can take it, but it won't be accurate! ~NO EFFECT~
  7. How many friends do you have?
  8. Do YOU think you're popular?
  9. Which high-school steriotype do you belong to?
  10. What made you take this quiz?
  11. Now, click the submit button and prepare for your results...

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Quiz topic: Am I popular?