Are you a popular in middle school? (girls only)

Hi! welcome to my quiz! Do you want to know if you are popular? Just take this 1 to 2-minute quiz to find out! Will you be an average, hated, popular etc.? Let's see... Good luck!!!

I hope you like your results! I am 90 percent sure that this quiz is accurate. I took about 2-3 hours making this quiz. I hope you can try it out! make sure to comment what you got!

Created by: Michelle

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  1. Where do you shop for clothes
  2. At lunch who do you sit with?
  3. How many people have a crush on you?
  4. How many people tagged you on instagram
  5. How many friends do you have in school?
  6. What clubs are you in? (in school)
  7. What clique do you think you belong with?
  8. Are you overweight?
  9. Do you get invited to parties?
  10. What type of music do you listen to?
  11. Are you shy?
  12. Did you enjoy the quiz? (won't affect score)

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Quiz topic: Am I a popular in middle school? (girls only)