How did you become popular in middle school

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this quiz will tell you the reasons why you became popular in middle school it's not very accurate but it is from what I saw in school and why people became known

please don't get offended either way don't take it to seriously it just a fun quiz to take when you are bored or you just don't know what to do so I hope you guys enjoy.

Created by: Melissa

  1. were you a nice person
  2. Did people confess their love to you
  3. How many close friends did you have
  4. How many guy friends did you have
  5. were you friends with the hot guys in school
  6. were you a thought
  7. did you ever bully anyone
  8. how did you like this quiz
  9. were you treated like a bay buy the guys
  10. Did you care about your grades?

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