are you popular?

there are many types in this cruel world.the geeks,the know it alls,the cool kids,and the punks.but can you overcome the test that leads you to self confidence.being popular.

are YOU popular enough to take this quiz?well,what are you waiting for.if you want to find out you gotta take this awesome,beast do it all ready.god.

Created by: Christian

  1. how many friends do you have
  2. whats your personal life style
  3. how often do you go out
  4. rate yourself 1-10
  5. what do most people see you as,be honest
  6. if you didnt know what popular ment,who would you go to advice for
  7. whats your favorite type of music
  8. are you sensitive
  9. do you have a huge crush
  10. are you a pc game freak who sits in front of your computer all day

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Quiz topic: Am I popular?