Are you pocahontas or mulan

This quiz will determine which of these two princesses you are and will also tell you who you could be for halloween!! great right a quiz deciding your costume.

Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right i hope you enjoy this quiz and please watch both these movies they are great and fun to watch so please watch them they r funny

Created by: Willow

  1. Do you enjoy the outdoors
  2. Do you prefer being with your friends or family?
  3. Do you prefer dogs cats or both?
  4. do you prefer hermione or cho-chang
  5. Do you like to tell stories?
  6. Do you like rebels or goody two shoe s
  7. Hello or Hi
  8. Ninja or soldier
  9. Woods or village
  10. Merida or Rapunzel

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Quiz topic: Am I pocahontas or mulan