Are you PERFECT?

No one is perfect. But how do you know? There is no exact point on what perfect really is, uppon people that is. I mean, getting a perfect in a quiz is perfect, but it dosen't mean that your perfect. It only means that you are smart.

Now take this test. This test will check if you are perfect, or not. Try the test and mabye you'll be able to tell that you are PERFECT. (shruder...) But, if your perfect... don't scare me with your perfectness. I may shudder so hard i might melt.

Created by: kino of kino's den
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do people call you perfect?
  2. Do you have glasses?
  3. Have you ever gotten a pimple?
  4. Have you ever talked to yourself?
  5. When you wake up, what do you do first?
  6. Have you experienced having an operation?
  7. DO you think someone is ubnoctious?
  8. Did i misspell a word earlier?
  9. How much is the square root of 3050?
  10. Do you exaggerate?

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Quiz topic: Am I PERFECT?