Are you patient?

Is everyday a stress, is everyday a rush? Are you constantley in a hurry? Or are you the laid back type? Do you allow anything to slip or do you have a tempor tantrum if things don't go your way? Take this quiz to find out if you are patient or not!

Find out exactly how patient you are. Very, fairly or not at all. Do you relaize that things should sometimes go slow or are you always on the move? Take this quiz right now, and all shall be revealed.

Created by: Batia

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  1. The food is taking a little long at a resturant you:
  2. There is a really long line to the ticket booth and you are already running late, you:
  3. Your friend is meeting you at the mall, they are already fifteen minutes late, do you...
  4. The cashier is taking very long working out an error with the scanning machine, she apologizes, you:
  5. If you are stuck in a bad traffic jam, you usually:
  6. You hate to:
  7. A friend asks you to hold her bag for her while she dances, you:
  8. Your pizza is delivered late and very cold, you:
  9. Would you describe yourself as patient?
  10. You are standing in a line at school for the tuckshop, a girl pushes in front of you, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I patient?