are you one direction smart ~niall horan

Do you a fan thinks that you KNOW niall horan? well do you know as much as you think they do? this quiz has been created for that very reson! take it if you dare!!

well some of you were one direction smart. are you niall horan smart? lets find out if YOU really know everything about this good looking irishman. you think you do? well theh step right up and take this quiz!

Created by: tori

  1. ok quiz number 2 is for niall horan fans!! lets start with what is nialls full name?
  2. what is nialls nick name?
  3. why did niall have to leave the room while meeting justin beiber?
  4. what is his twitter background?
  5. what does his name mean?
  6. name the the three thing he loves the most.
  7. what is his fav. color?
  8. where does he want to live?
  9. what color eyes does he like best?
  10. once he had a dream that all the food in the world was gone!!(me: can a dream be worse!!)what did he do when he woke up?
  11. ok... how tall is this hot, irish, gentelman>
  12. how old was he when he went on X factor?
  13. last but not lest.... when is his birthday?
  14. I LIED!!!! here is another one if an alian envaded earth what would he do to keep it from eating his face!!
  15. Ok i swear that this is it!!! name one thing he does when he's board.

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart ~niall horan