are you normal or weird

when some people hear weird they think awkward geeky kid who loves math class I don't when I hear weird I think of that's me what do you need cuz we're all a little bit weird but how weird are you really take this quiz to find out

here are some pointers on how to get weird one between so normal and what boring people with it is outrageous and something people would pick in between is like what are you doing the pic

Created by: Jazzmin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do your friends call you weird?
  2. do you ever say random stuff?
  3. do you like this quiz? Rate it 1 through 5.
  4. have you ever wanted to work in an office?
  5. what sentence comes to your head when you hear this word: monkey
  6. how would your friends describe you
  7. bored yet?
  8. do your parents call you weird?
  9. just two more hi
  10. its 1111 make a wish what you wish for

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Quiz topic: Am I normal or weird