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  • I was very confused for a while. THIS QUIZ COULD BE BS but for me it was helpful to know I should be a happy lady and not unhappy when I felt like a lady.

    1234321twinklepu Aug 10 '18, 2:00pm
  • This is a pretty awful quiz. I am 100% nonbinary and according to this quiz, I am confused. If you are nonbinary or you suspect that you are nonbinary, please don't let anyone, especially the internet, dictate your gender. Only you know who you really are.

    dayzd89 May 11 '18, 11:20pm
  • not to s--- on your quiz or anything, but youre using "triggered" completely wrong. being triggered by something is when your mental illness acts up because you saw something. not having gender neutral restrooms probably ISNT going to actually trigger someone.using triggered in that connotation is really disrespectful to anyone who actually gets triggered.

    killeren Mar 6 '18, 9:27am