are you nice, mean, or in between

Their are many nice people, and mean people. Wouldnt you like to know which are you. I already know and its not that great. I hope you get a better result than me.

This test is not made to make you mad okay. Im not that nicest person in the world and probably hurt many people. This test is for fun so it you dont like your answer than...whatever i dont really care. Sorry mean person came out.

Created by: evilbunny
  1. Do you gossip about people?
  2. Do you put people in categories?
  3. Do you think everyone is the same?
  4. Do you bully people you dont like?
  5. Do you keep secrets or tell people you can trust or tell everyone?
  6. Do you choose people you know you'll like are give people a chance to get to know them?
  7. do you give people second chances?
  8. Would you slap someone?
  9. Are people weird?
  10. Do you think your never wrong?

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Quiz topic: Am I nice, mean, or in between