Are you my TWIN?!

Are you my twin? What about my clone? Do you have the same likes, desires, and fears? Are you so like me that we should've been born as twins? Would I end up liking to meet you some time?

Who are you? Who ARE you? WHO are YOU????? Will you just tell me already? Anyway, I think we should begin the quiz. LET'S BEGIN THE QUIZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

Created by: EmraldYE

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  1. When you want to call your friends over to your house, are you nervous to talk to them over the phone?
  2. Do you goof around in the shower? (like play with toys.)
  3. Do you watch nickelodeon?
  4. Do you like lots of plants in your room?
  5. You are good at....
  6. How do you feel about sports?
  7. In your family of siblings, you are the...
  8. Your name begins with...
  9. How do you feel about bugs?
  10. What do you love about your eyes?
  11. What about your hair?
  12. What COLOR are your eyes?
  13. Do you like taking photos of wildlife?
  14. Are you popular?
  15. Do you have a ton of quizzes on GOTOQUIZ?
  16. Do you hate quizzes with horrible grammar and spelling?
  17. Do you hate all the "DIRTY MINUTES IN HEAVEN" bla bla quizzes?
  18. Do you have a boy/girl friend?
  19. Your gender?
  20. Do you like the smell of new book?
  21. What grade are you in?
  22. What do you do with your fan at night?
  23. What's your lucky number?
  24. Where do you live?
  25. Do you have any bug bites right now?
  26. What do you hate about goggles?
  27. Do you have a YouTube account?
  28. Are you a fast runner?
  29. Do you babysit children?
  30. How much money do you have in your room ?

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Quiz topic: Am I my TWIN?!