Are you my friend?

I have many friends and aquantances but how many of them actually know me, know me. Are they a True friend? If you are my friend or are tring to become closer its a wonderful time to start.

You do know me and you are my friend. how wonderful? You do like to pay attention to your friends to really get to know them so lets find out if this describes you.

Created by: cassie
  1. Whats my favorite color?
  2. how many brothers do I have?
  3. how many sisters do i have
  4. what verse do i like best
  5. What am I called to be in the future?
  6. what college do i like best
  7. What is my favorite sport?
  8. what kind of car do I wish to have one day
  9. whats my favorite animal
  10. what did I want to become before God told me my calling in life.
  11. how old was i when i was saved
  12. how old was I when i was filled with the holy spirt
  13. what is my favorite subject in school.
  14. what is my favorite number
  15. my favorite bible character is
  16. what is my favorite thing to do.

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Quiz topic: Am I my friend?