Are You Mushy or Fun?

Some people like talking romantic, some would rather just have fun with friends. Some would rather cuddle around with someone special rather then joke with a best friend.

Do you think you are mushy or just fun to be around? Before this glorious quiz was made you could only guess. Now you can truely find out if you are mushy or fun.

Created by: Hannah

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A perfect day at the beach is....
  2. It's A Rainy Day, Your Allowed To Invite Someone Over, Who Do You Call First?
  3. Who Do You Sit Next To At Lunch?
  4. What Do You Like To Wear?
  5. The Scariest Question Of All Time..........Whats Your Fav. Color?
  6. What Do You Look Like?
  7. Whats Your Favorite Animal?
  8. Your Ideal Date Is....
  9. Which Do You Like Best?
  10. What Do You Think Is Most Important In A Friendship?

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Quiz topic: Am I Mushy or Fun?