Are you more like Biden or Trump?

This is just for fun and mainly a comedy for laughs,This shouldn't be taken seriously what so ever,remember that I don't promote any hate whatsoever guys it's a joke.

Go vote too you can't complain if you don't,,also this is my first quiz in a while hope you found it funny and interesting to take,I did my best and thats all folks

Created by: The faded smoke
  1. Do you like Blue or Red better?
  2. Ice cream or McDonald's
  3. Are you more of a Science or Religious person?
  4. Do you like Ironman or Thor?
  5. Pick a job?
  6. Do you believe People should own Firearms?
  7. Do you like hands on government or more independent government?
  8. How do handle other Countries like Russia,China,Korea and etc?
  9. Do you follow order or give them?
  10. How do you feel about Criminals
  11. Do Believe in Global warming?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Biden or Trump?