Are You More Like a Poor Person or a Rich Person?

There are rich people in the world, but there also are poor ones. People who are rich in the heart are truly rich people. If they only care about themselves and only care about money, those people, are truly poor people.

Are YOU rich in the heart? Or are you POOR in the heart? Luckily, since you have stumbled acorss this quiz, your question will be answered. Answer every single question HONESTLY, or you might spoil yourself. Good luck. Be honest, truthful, and let's hope you will be rich in the heart!!

Created by: Nicole

  1. What (who) do you like most?
  2. Why do you hate cowards?
  3. EVERYONE except for you got hurt in a car accident. Who do you help first?
  4. You have fame, fortune!!! What do you buy with your fortune?
  5. Your favourite car is...
  6. You have $2000. Quick, buy something!!
  7. You got arrested by the police and they are driving you to jail. What was your crime?
  8. Rich. What do you think of?
  9. Which name would you name yourself if you HAD to change names?
  10. Quick, tell me a number!

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Quiz topic: Am I More Like a Poor Person or a Rich Person?