Are You $money$ smart?

There are many people who struggle with financal responsability and don't even know it! Are you one of those people? Or are you in the safe zone? Who knows. People sometimes live under the confidence that since they are "rich" they don't need to worry about how much they spend...they are WRONG! They need to know that financal stability is the key to survival!

Are YOU financally free and stable OR are you a money stupid-head? Until now you could only guess or not care, but now CARE and take this test!! In just a few life-changing minutes you could find out if you are MONEY SMART!!

Created by: Cassie

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  1. You currently have__ amount of money in your pocket. (Just in case you find something you can't live without!)
  2. When you go to the mall your main objective is:
  3. When you get your pay check your first thoughts are:
  4. True or false: Money is my world, I base my day to day life on money.
  5. You are in a relationship with a guy who never pays for anything, so when he asks (for the 100th time) can you "get" this one? You:
  6. True or False: Your money-smarts are your lifeline, without it you would be a mess.
  7. Money is:
  8. Your friends call you ____ when reffering to your money skills.
  9. You are obsessed with the colors:
  10. This quiz was worth:

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Quiz topic: Am I $money$ smart?