Are You Meant To Be King?

Today, kings have seemed to fade from us. But one day, kings will rule again. When they do, they will have to do a lot to satisfy their kingdom. And that's just what this quiz is about.

Are you meant to be king? Would you be the one with the gift to satisfy your people? But most importantly, would you be prepared if something happened to your kingdom? Find the answers in this quiz.

Created by: Brambleclaw's True Love
  1. Just to clear this up, you must be completely honest. I cannot make you be honest, but if you do lie, then that is already horrible on your kingly reputation, so lie if you dare. Anyway, on to the question. If you were chosen as king, how would you react?
  2. If you were king, how would you treat your kingdom?
  3. If the elderly began to get sick or lose their homes in your kingdom, what would you do?
  4. Your kingdom is running out of money when it needs it the most. What will you do?
  5. Your kingdom is growing, and though it is in its prime, it is getting harder to supply everyone with the money they need. How do you deal with this?
  6. Many people begin to leave the kingdom. What do you do?
  7. Soon, you have a son, who is supposed to take over as king when you die. What do you do to get him used to the kingdom?
  8. Children in your kingdom begin to get sick, and there aren't enough doctors for all of them. How do you solve this issue?
  9. A war is about to break out! How do you prepare?
  10. The war has been won, your kingdom is rich, and your son is ready to be king. The kingdom is in its prime because of you. How are you feeling?

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