Are you meant to be known?

Many people want to be known. Others, however, would prefer not to be. So, if you woonder, that is what this quiz is about, and I would say, the results are quite accurate!

Are you meant to be known world wide? Do you like being in front of crowds, or do you like not to? Take this quiz to find out if you're meant to be known!

Created by: shaunaluvspie
  1. You have always dreamed to be known world wide.
  2. You think I'm meant to be unknown.
  3. Do you like performing in front of thousands of people?
  4. Do you like singing?
  5. Do you like acting?
  6. Do you like both acting and singing?
  7. Is this getting tense?
  8. Pick one of the following.
  9. Hot or cold weather? (No effect.)
  10. Shorts, capris, or jeans?
  11. Well, this has been fun, but I must be off.

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Quiz topic: Am I meant to be known?