are you me? ARE YOU???

hi! thanks for coming to my are you me? quiz, i hope you get that you are like me, because i am pretty awesome, but no matter! everyone is awesome in their own special way!

so lets get this started! do you think you are like me? i wonder. oh and also, please take my other quizzes, they are sofia the first themed : who are you in sofia the first and how well do you know the curse of princess ivy. well, lets get the show on the road! here we go!...

Created by: cedric the sorcerer

  1. ok, so i'll start off with your favorite question! what's your favorite color?
  2. favorite animal!
  3. are you the eldest?
  4. which movie is your favorite?
  5. do you love sofia the first?
  6. who's your favorite in sofia the first?
  7. who's your favorite in frozen?
  8. who's your fav in tangled
  9. and your fav in brave (ha! that rhymes!)
  10. whats your personality?
  11. hobbies
  12. fav singers?
  13. well, i guess thats it, will you comment? please? :)

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Quiz topic: Am I me? am I???