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  • I am actually offended that it thinks I like Obama, even 33 percent. And it's not because of color, he is not doing good things.

    iamwolflover May 15 '16, 8:04PM
  • I'm also more liberal than Obama -- and I also got 44%. It told me to stop clinging to my guns and my Bible because I'm a "right-wing extremist". Hah!

    motibutton Feb 4 '12, 5:58PM
  • How'd I get only 44%? I'm even more liberal than Obama!

    tongue Aug 1 '09, 12:43AM
  • 6% who cares what color his skin is? im so sick of the racist and prejudicist comments people are making. its rediculous! and when ppl start fighting in schools and public places about it and getting shot and shooting others, its a serious problem. so get the hezzl over it! hes here, hes doing fine, and hes staying. get on with your lives!

    JosetteCullen Jun 9 '09, 6:25PM
  • 11% Obama is our president and all you people that care if he is black or white well, get a life you racist loving freaks.

    Quizfan5 Jun 6 '09, 12:46PM
  • I got 17% and I don't really care if Obama is black or white, if he does a good job then he earns his presidency.

    Bambi Jun 6 '09, 6:12AM
  • 22%
    ...*shrugs* Whatever...

    appayipyip Jun 6 '09, 1:52AM

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