are you like my many multiple personalities

we were playing this game where you have to give yourself a certain personality and you have to stick it for the rest of the day or else you loose. i took the easy way and chose a person with the multiple personality disorder

see wich one you got. im not sure wich one youll probabilty like or enjoy. i only hope you enjoy this quiz. i was pretty bored when i made it but i was not lieing about this accually happening

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. are you young
  2. do you get angry easy
  3. have you ever gotten lost
  4. do you lose things alot
  5. do you have a bad aditude
  6. do you get guilty at the slightest thing done wrong
  7. do you like to ask questions
  8. are you usually happy
  9. if you ever gotten lost was it for a long time
  10. do you do alot of bad things

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Quiz topic: Am I like my many multiple personalities