Are you like Michael Sikora?

There are many wood work teachers out there but theres one of a kind called Mr sikora yes he works at NMHSG and if you end up like him then you're whole life is ruined!! And you will end up being Vanessa's sister or something.

Are YOU like mr Sikora a wood work teacher that just doesn't teach wood work he is obsessed with it infact he's that bad that his house is made out of wood and he eats wood salad.This quiz will let you find out if you are anything like MICHAEL the pervert

Created by: vanessa

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  1. Do you have wood lice?
  2. Do you like wood?
  3. Do you sleep on a wooden bench near the school pond?
  4. Do you love Julie Townsend?
  5. Do you eat a wood salad for dinner?
  6. Do you perve on year sevens in shakliffe bistro?
  7. Do you give c3's to people who bully you?
  8. Are you related to Vanessa in any way?
  9. Is tony you're brother?
  10. Is you're house made out of wood?
  11. Do you have grey hair?
  12. Do you wear the same fleece over and over again?
  13. Do you like goths?
  14. Do you hate it when people hide hammers in the workshop?

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Quiz topic: Am I like Michael Sikora?