Are You a Piggggg?

This quiz is to see how much you are like a pig good luck to you if you are nothing like a pig. Its just a random quiz that was made for a laugh so have fun with it and dont be a pig. Remember mr sikora is watching.

Are YOU a pig because this is made because at my school we have had some disturbances with a very strange girl that looks like a pig. Trust me it IS disturbing well see hw much you are like a pig in this quiz GOOD LUCK

Created by: Vanessa Nicklin

  1. Do you wash your hair with lard?
  2. Do you know Michael sikora (not as a teacher but PERSONALLY)
  3. Have you ever been on urbis?
  4. Do you like emos/skaters?
  5. Do you like sophie Campbell?
  6. Do you tuck your socks in your pants?
  7. Do you wear a Jane Norman bag (EVERDAY)
  8. Do you like lard?
  9. Do you call urbis?
  10. Do you have a pig nose?
  11. Do you like grey hair?
  12. Do you get bullied?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Piggggg?